How to Stick to Windows XP After 2013

If you are rigidly planning to stick with the aged Windows XP operating even after the support ends next year, then just think twice before doing that. As Windows XP comes to the end of its life, applications in enterprise desktop and virtualization environments everywhere will feel the effects.

After Microsoft ends support for Windows XP, it will no longer provide software updates for the operating system (OS). Of greatest concern are the security fixes that protect against malware such as viruses and worms. “End of Support,” means that after a given date, no additional service packs, fixes, online support, patches, or security updates will be released for a specific product. This also means that Microsoft will no longer issue security updates, patches, or fixes for freshly discovered exploits, viruses, or other security issues. Without security updates Windows XP will increasingly become vulnerable. Cyber criminals may step up their attacks after the Windows XP end of life. But to be on the secured side here are some solutions to be on the safe side.

Secure your XP installation

The best possible solution is to make sure that your PC is up to date and secure as possible. If you are a running security software like Avast Free Antivirus and if receiving updates are even after the end of support, then you are in good shape.

Keep an updated version of the web browser you plan to continue after support for Windows XP. Both Chrome and Firefox still support Windows XP, and still issue security updates and patches for their older versions. Choose Virtual Private Networks to further enhance your security.

Try Linux

Finally, if you don’t want to try updating Windows, and you’re still worried about security and support, here’s a fast and easy solution: Try installing Linux instead! Distros like Ubuntu and Linux aren’t exactly resource hogs, and can run even on lightweight hardware.

Uninstall or disable add-ons, plug-ins and extensions

Running the most recent version of a 3rd party browser will not ensure you have the recent version of the add-ons, plug-ins and extensions used within the browser. Software from Adobe, like Flash, Reader and its Shockwave Player and Oracle (Java) will need to be updated regularly or disabled. These notorious programs have been known to provide attack vectors on fully patched Windows installations, so if you can’t keep them up to date, disable them.

Windows XP Support

Since Microsoft will discontinue technical support, updates and other services for Windows XP and prompt users to upgrade to the newest Windows versions to continue availing , those who do not wish to relinquish it, for them third-party services are the best alternative available at affordable costs. These online technical support services are reliable, affordable and available 24×7, 365-days-a-year to help customers cover from Windows XP technical problems and other miscellaneous problems which may arise irrespective of the place and time.


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