How to Reject Incoming Calls on Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Not everyone’s calls are welcomed when you are in a meeting, vacationing to Hawaii, or simply relaxing at couch back in your courtyard while sipping a coffee. However there are some nerds, especially telecallers who relentlessly keep trying your number to strike a conversation no matter how many times you disconnect them. It can be annoying and time consuming also to keep disconnecting calls and focus on your core work. To help keep such annoying callers at bay, you can enable call rejection on your Samsung Galaxy S4 device and peacefully focus on your work or enjoy your music or video interruption-free. Here you go with this tutorial which tells you how you can reject calls on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and if desired leave a message to let them know that what you are up to.

Step 1

If you want to skip all the calls due to being in an important meeting or any reason, you should enable the “Auto Reject” mode. From “Settings” on your Samsung Galaxy S4 Home screen, tap “Call settings”.


Step 2

From “Call settings”, tap “All Calls, “Auto Reject”. If you don’t see this option in “Call settings”, you may see “Call rejection”, tap it and then select “Auto reject mode”. Tap the button beside it to set it “ON”. Once you do that, all the incoming calls will be rejected.



Step 3

If you want to reject incoming calls from a particular number and not from all contacts, then you can customize the Auto reject mode”. From the same above screen, tap the “Auto reject list” option and then when prompted, enter the number whose calls you want to reject. It is also called number blocking because by doing so, unless removed, all the calls from this will be auto-rejected though the text and MMSs will continue to come. You can also reject calls by specifying the criteria matching of which will lead to rejection. Enter the specific keywords and more to do so.


Step 4

You can also reject your calls with a message in return to let the callers know about your status and the reason. From “Call settings”, tap “All Calls, “Reject call with message”. Tap the desired message to edit, save it and then it’ll be enabled. All your callers will get a message in return when you will disconnect their calls.


Step 5

Another way of bypassing incoming calls is by enabling the Airplane mode though this will also disable some other functions including text messaging, Wi-Fi, games and more. However if it’s really important for you to avoid calls, go ahead with the Airplane mode, a.k.a. Flight Mode. To turn on this mode, from “Settings”, tap “Connections”, select “More networks”, and check the “Flight mode” box. If prompted, tap “OK” to confirm the action.


If you continue to receive incoming calls from rejected numbers or you find that some of the functionalities have stopped working after enabling auto reject list, call us at +1-877-907-4935 and talk to an expert for help.