How to Set Up Vizio M LED Smart TV

Vizio M is the brand new series of LED and LCD Internet-ready smart TVs, with sharp and unmatchable full HD picture quality, 3D experience, ultra-modern & stylish design, dynamic contrast ratio for brilliant color sharpness, wired/Wi-Fi capability for faster Internet connectivity, movie & video streaming, a horde of Internet apps, automatic updates, Windows support and more (hrrmph!) to delight users with a new and rich multimedia experience which is just like them. The smart Vizio M TV is a reason to smile, to feel proud of, and to feel that you have everything in form of entertainment and connectivity to stay online, to watch your news, favorite TV shows, YouTube videos, NFL events, and do a lot more. To be able to enjoy the entertainment of your life, you must set up your Vizio M TV and connect it to your wired or Wi-Fi network and hook up it to your XBOX 360, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii U, or Roku etc.

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Things you will need:

• Vizio M LED LCD TV
• Set-Top-Box (Roku or any other STB of your choice will do)
• Internet connection (LAN/Wi-Fi already setup and functional)
• SSID and wireless security key for Wi-Fi connectivity
• HDMI cable
• Other miscellaneous cables to hook up desired devices

Step 1: Setup Physical Connection

Unbox your Vizio M LED LCD TV and set up the physical connection. Refer to your Vizio setup user guide for information about the correct physical connection. Make sure that you plug right cables into right ports. When done all the required cables, plug the Power cable into the “Power” port of your TV and run it into a nearby electrical outlet. When done, power on your TV by pressing the “Power” button on it. Do not forget to load the AAA batteries in to your Vizio TV remote and power it on.

setup physical connection

Step 2: Begin with Vizio TV Setup

Once the TV is started, the built-in startup screen will fire up, indicating that it is ready to get started. Using the “Down” arrow key, select “Home Mode Setup” and then press the “OK” button on your Vizio TV remote. On the next screen, accept the Vizio license terms and conditions and select the “Next” button. To proceed, press the “OK” button on your remote.

begin with vzio setup

Step 3: Connect Vizio M TV to Wired/Wi-Fi Network

If you want to connect to the Internet via LAN, then connect your Vizio TV using the Ethernet cable. The other end of the cable should run into your router or DSL modem. Once connected, your TV will automatically recognize the connection and prompt you for the setup to browse the Internet and more. If you want to go wireless, then you will see Wi-Fi network selection on the screen. The TV will automatically scan for the available Wi-Fi networks and present you with the desired selection. Select your Wi-Fi network and press the “OK” button on the remote. When prompted, enter the wireless security key. Click the “Connect” button and then press the “OK” button on the remote to proceed. The TV will authenticate the key and then will connect you to your Wi-Fi network.

connect vzio M TV wired

Step 4: Complete Vizio M TV Setup

When prompted, fill in your details in the required fields and then click “Next”. Press the “OK” button to proceed. Follow rest of the on-screen instructions and complete the Vizio M TV setup. You can now browse the high-speed Internet, live shows, TV shows, online games, and more right on the dynamic screen of your Vizio M smart TV.

Hook up Vizio

Step 5: Hook Up Vizio M TV to Computer

If you want to hook up your Vizio M TV to your computer to be able to enjoy and online stream multimedia content, use the HDMI cable to do the connection. Run one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port available at the back of your Vizio M TV and run its other end into the HDMI port of your PC or laptop. When the connection is made, you can enjoy the movies, videos and other content right on the big screen of your Vizio TV.

Wi-Fi home network

You can also add your Vizio M TV and your computer to your Wi-Fi home network and then stream and sync data between them simultaneously.

P.S. You can hook up your gaming console, Blu-Ray player or DVD player or any other device to your Vizio TV using the appropriate cables or over the Wi-Fi network and go on to stream and enjoy online HD games, YouTube videos, Hulu TV shows, Netflix movies and more.


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