How to Remove Plus-HD-1.2 from a Computer


Plus-HD-1.2 is the version of a free browser plug-in from the website designed to improve YouTube video watch experience by automatically converting YouTube videos to HD format. Well, as far as the users’ experience say about this browser add-on is that it is a malware as it leads to several annoying “Deal” pop-ups, surveys, and alerts etcetera on their browser and computer screens. No matter what they do to rid of these unwanted fascinating deals and alerts etcetera, they keep coming back, preventing neat access to webpages and more. Malware scans from any malware removal tool or antivirus do not report this add-on as malicious and thence do not prompt for a removal, which doubles the security risk for your files, settings etc.

Our observation says that this browser add-on may not be a malware itself, but it can be easily taken advantage of and fabricated by malware infections to spread malicious pop-ups related to fake lucrative deals, alerts, and surveys etcetera. Thus, all in all, it is not safe to use Plus-HD-1.2 or any version of Plus-HD add-on on your browser. In fact, this add-on sometimes automatically slips on to your browser without your knowledge. So, if this has happened to you and therefore you want to remove Plus-HD-1.2 from your browser and computer. Below given are some steps that have helped successfully remove the add-on from a browser and your PC forever.


Step 1: Reset Browser to Factory Settings

Resetting your web browser to factory defaults will help rid of the malicious Plus-HD-1.2 add-on and also the annoying pop-ups and other miscellaneous problems besides improving your computer security. Check here which browser you are using and then reset it accordingly. You may want to back up your favorite bookmarks and other data before you do the reset.

Mozilla Firefox

Click the “Help” tab> “Troubleshooting Information”> “Reset Firefox”. If prompted, confirm the action and then reset the browser settings. When done, restart Firefox and you are done. Check the add-on will be gone.


Google Chrome

Click “Settings”> “Show advanced settings”> “Reset browser settings”. When prompted, confirm the action and do the needful. Restart Chrome and you are done.



Click the “Settings” icon> “Reset Safari” from the list of options. Do the needful and restart Safari.


Internet Explorer

Click the “Tools” menu> “Internet Options”> “Advanced” tab> “Reset”. Select all the boxes to delete entire settings and reset to factory defaults. Do the needful and restart Internet Explorer. That’s it and the problem will be resolved.

Step 2: Run Virus Scan

Now that the add-on is removed, restore your favorite bookmarks etcetera. Besides, launch your antivirus software and update it with the recent updates to make its virus/malware database know about the latest viruses and malware etc. Afterwards, run a full scan and wait for it to complete. Meanwhile, you can resume your browsing or other work. When the scan is completed, remove any resulting infected items in scan result. Your computer is now completely clean, secured and safe.

Step 3: Add Plus-HD-1.2 to Block List of Antivirus/Firewall

To ensure enhanced safety for your computer and browser, add the add-on URL to the list of blocked items in your antivirus and/or firewall (if there is one). This will prevent future recurrence of this add-on.

Step 4: Block the Add-on URL in Browser also

You can also block the URLs of the add-on and its website software informer in your browser. This will prevent any further download or access to these URLs and improve your safety.



If the add-on returns on your computer or you suspect that a severe malware infection has made way in to your computer, then talk to a virus/malware removal expert on this toll-free number +1-877-907-4935 to help clean it.

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