How to Fix iPad Air Video Communication Error


When you are in the middle of watching the “Family Guy” or “American Horror Story” or just about to finish watching the “Clash of Titans” on your iPad Air – boom! – your favorite soap or movie goes for a toss all of a sudden showing error(s) like “Video Communication Error” or the least expected ones like “URL unresolved” or “Server Unreachable” etcetera. Astonished and annoyed you must be over this abrupt disruption of the video and must be switching off and on your iOS device to get back to where it was left off. Well, that’s exactly where we need to help you. Here are some great fixes, which have proved to fix such errors and resume an error-free video-watching experience.


Step 1: Power Cycle iPad Air

If this happened to you the very first time, then simply soft reset or power cycle the device. You can do so by simply pressing and holding the “Sleep/Wake” button along with the “Home” button until the prompt for a switch off appears. Do the needful. When done, power on the way you do. This will clear any temporary logjam in the video or device itself and fix the problem. Launch the desired video and watch it. Skip to the next step if the problem persists.


Step 2: Disable/Add App to Safe Apps List in Firewall

Having a firewall such as Eset Smart Security, ZoneAlarm or any other does make your iPad Air secure and safe to use but at the same time it may block your video streaming after a recent update etc. So disable the firewall first and then launch the video. If it works flawlessly, then add the app to the list of safe apps in your firewall program. Adding your app to the safe app list in your antivirus or firewall has observed to fix problems related to streaming etc.

Step 3: Disconnect/Reconnect to Wi-Fi

If your videos continue to get disrupted and any of the above mentioned errors, then disconnect and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network if you stream wirelessly. Though it is a temporary fix, but it works and helps you resume your video streaming. In the case of a lingering problem, skip to next step.

Step 4: Restart Router

Whether you are streaming wirelessly or wired, video streaming issues may be caused by the glitch in your router, which may require a power cycle. Thus, shut down your router for 10-20 seconds and then power it on again. Wait for the router to boot up. When done, refresh the Wi-Fi network connection on your iPad Air and reconnect to it. When connected, launch your favorite video and start streaming and it should go through without problems.

P.S. Updating your router’s firmware can help fix problems not just on your iPad Air but also on your Mac or PC etc.


Step 5: Turn Off Bluetooth

If the Bluetooth feature is turned on the iPad Air, then turn it off and the problem will be fixed. Resume your video streaming and it should not be gone for a toss afterwards,

Step 6: Download Software Updates

Update your iOS with the latest software updates and app updates for a problem-free streaming. Tap “Settings”, tap “General”, and tap “Software Update” to begin downloading the latest software updates. Tap the “Download and Install” button to begin to do the needful. When done, download app updates also from the “App Store”.

Step 7: Manually Configure Server Settings

If your video watching experience continues to go for a toss, then manually configure server settings and IP address etc. for your Wi-Fi network.



If the problems continue to hinder your video/movie streaming or downloads on your iPad Air, call us at +1-877-907-4935, toll free, to fix them and use your device excellently.

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