How to Set Up Netgear Router for DSL Connection


A Netgear wireless router is naturally a choice for connecting multiple devices and gadgets together for the purpose of sharing an Internet connection on them, syncing data among all of them, transferring and sharing videos, music, movies and documents etc., browsing wirelessly, or extending the range of existing Wi-Fi network. With a Netgear Wi-Fi router, your digital and real world is full of opportunities that let you tap the brightest colors of entertainment across your HDTV, smartphone and tablet etc. and access the true mobility of business through multiple devices with an easy accessibility to your data and various other things.


However, not always but it can be utterly difficult and time-consuming to install the router and configure various essential features on your own without particular instructions. Don’t you worry because with the advent of contemporary technology in this Wi-Fi-enabled device, it is easy to do the needful for getting started.

Step 1

You must first turn off your PC, DSL modem, and the Netgear router and unplug all the cables from them. Now connect your DSL modem to your Netgear router with the Internet cable shipped with either of it.


Step 2

Plug the Internet cable’s one end into the modem and second into the ‘WAN’ port (also known as ‘Internet’ or ‘uplink’ port) at the back or side of the router, depending on which model you are using. Now connect the router and the computer with the LAN cable (Ethernet) shipped with the Netgear router by plugging its one end into the computer’s Ethernet port and second into any one of the four (LAN) ports given at the back/side of the router.

Now connect the modem to the phone jack and the power jack. Similarly connect router and PC to their individual electricity outlets. Turn on the devices and ensure that the router and modem have power lights on. When powered on, the router will detect the modem itself.

Step 3

Now open up the browser and pull up the router’s IP address that came in the documentation. Generally, the IP address is or or for a Netgear router. If yours is one of the latest technology routers of Netgear, then it might have Netgear Genie Web interface which pulls up right away when you type the address. Set up and configure the settings the easiest and genie way.


Step 4

If your router is not Netgear Genie Web-powered, then you will see a login page when you access its IP address. If setting up for the first time, enter the default username and password that must have come with the router documentation.  Generally, most of the routers come with ‘admin’ and ‘password’ as the default username/password. But you do check your papers before entering anything.


Step 5

After you have entered the information, the ‘Setup Wizard’ window will open up. If it doesn’t open then click on ‘Setup Wizard’ at the top left hand corner of the window, click on ‘Yes’ for it to detect the internet connection type, and then click “Next”.


Step 6

Select your language and other things including the type of Internet connection viz. PPPoE or DHCP. Select the desired option and click ‘Next’ to continue. The next window will ask your username/password, key in the information given by your ISP, and click on ‘Apply’. The router will then save all the settings once you click “Apply”. Follow rest of the instructions and connect to the internet.



If any problems crop up due to reasons unknown to you following which you are unable to proceed with Wi-Fi setup and configuration of router features, call us at our toll-free number +1-877-907-4935 and get an expert to help you.

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