How to Fix Dell Error Return Code 7 Hard Drive Fail


If you are using a Dell computer no matter which make and model it is you are likely to run in hard drive error code 7, which indicates that something is wrong with the hard drive. The Dell hard drive error code 7 can occur and return in the middle of a Windows update, while listening to the music, looking for a document or folder, playing online games, or doing other miscellaneous things. The error can result in several related Dell hard drive problems including slowdown, data damage, and crash. At times the error return code 7 is curable provided that the hard drive is not faulty. You can apply the fixes given here to fix this Dell hard drive error and get your computer back to life.

Step 1

Close all the error windows and other miscellaneous ones and boot your computer into safe mode. While the PC boots, start repeatedly hitting the “F8” key on the keyboard until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu. Select “Safe Mode” using the “Up/Down” arrow keys and hit Enter to log your selection. In the Safe Mode, your desktop will look unusual but barring this you can head to launch Command Prompt with admin prompts. In the “Command Prompt” window, type “chkdsk c: /r /f” and hit Enter. You can run this command for other drives also if the problem is lying with one of them. Depending on the volume of data your drive has, it may take a good deal of time to scan for errors and fix them as well as recover any bad sectors and data. Post-chkdsk, the error should be fixed.

P.S. Once the problem is fixed, back up your entire data to avoid losing it if the error recurs due to miscellaneous reasons.

Step 2

If the problem is not fixed, grab the Dell diagnostic disk and insert it in the drive of your PC. Boot the PC and hit the “F12” key when you see the Dell Splash screen. Select “Boot to Utility Partition” or “Diagnostics” to hit “Enter”.  Select “Test System” and select an option from “Express Test”, “Extended Test”, “Custom Test” or the others. Follow the onscreen instructions to run the Dell hard drive diagnostics and proceed with the error solution. If it turns out the hard drive is faulty, replace it.


Step 3

Back up your data and format the hard drive if it is fine. If you have Dell backup and recovery disk, insert in your computer’s drive and boot it. Choose to repair your computer and then select “Restore System” from the “System Recovery Options” window. You can also erase your hard drive from within Windows using this method. Boot your computer to “Advanced Boot options” and select “Restore System” from the “System Recovery Options” window. Follow rest of the instructions and complete the restore. Another method of restoring your computer to factory settings is by going to “Dell Backup and Recovery” in “All Programs” and selecting “Restore System”. Follow the onscreen prompts and you should be good to go.



Should you continue facing the same error despite repairing the Dell hard drive and replacing it provided that it was faulty, call us at +1-877-907-4935 and get an expert to help you.

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