How to Sync Photos between Samsung Galaxy S4 and Windows Computer


Samsung Galaxy S4 is a monster smartphone packed with all the latest features. The smartphone helps users click larger than life images, hence eradicating the need for a DSLR camera. When it comes to pictures you always want to store a vast collection on your computer and device both. If your photo collection is there on your Galaxy S4 smartphone and you want to mirror it on your computer, you can connect them to transfer data between both devices. Once connectivity is achieved, you can transfer files using the interface of your operating system. In Windows, you can find the device listed as a removable disk under Computer.


Step 1:

Download Samsung Kies for your Windows computer by visiting Samsung’s official website ( Click on ”Download For Windows” to commence software download and install Kies on your Windows computer.

Step 2:

Run Samsung Kies application after installation is completed and connects your Samsung Galaxy S4 with your computer using the USB cable.

Step 3:

Once both your devices are connected click the “Sync” tab on the main screen. You will then see the information available for sync.


Step 4:

Drag your mouse down to the Multimedia area. Here you can see “Sync music”, “Sync photos”, “Sync videos” and “Sync podcasts” options available. Now check the “Sync photos” checkbox and then click “Sync” button you can now sync the selected photos.




Should you face any problem while syncing photos between your Samsung S4 and Windows computer, call us at +1-877-907-4935 and get an expert to help you.

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