How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Connection Problems

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great smartphone for Wi-Fi networking, browsing, video streaming, music, movie, emailing, professionalizing, sharing a single Internet connection via tethering and more. Despite that Samsung Galaxy S4 users have observed to be facing numerous problems, especially with Internet connection which either keeps dropping off or gets disconnected frequently. Samsung Galaxy S4 devices have this known issue which really needs Samsung’s attention to fix it and provide users with a relief. Samsung may be in the process of acquiring a large database of problems in order to roll out a general fix, however, you cannot be on hold until then. Thus, you can fix your Samsung Galaxy S4 connection problems using these simple workarounds and continue using your device.

Step 1: Force Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

Press and hold down the “Power” button on your Samsung Galaxy S4 unless you see it turning off. Once the device has shut down, wait for a minute and then turn it on again by long pressing the “Power” button. Now that the Galaxy S4 device is reset, get connected to your data cellular connection or Wi-Fi for going online. If your device continues to drop Internet connectivity, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Hard Reboot Samsung Galaxy S4

Hard rebooting is also called wiping the cache partition of your Samsung device. Wiping cache partition does not wipe out your data but simply clears the temporary cache and resets your device. Simultaneously press and hold down the “Power”, “Volume Up” and “Home” buttons until your Samsung device starts vibrating. When it does start vibrating, release the “Power” button but keep holding down the other two buttons until you see the “Android System Recovery” screen. When you do see this screen, release these buttons. On this screen, tap to select “wipe cache partition” and then press the “Power” button to enter your selection. When done, your Galaxy S4 device will begin to wipe out the cache and reset. Wait until the procedure is finished. When done, your phone will reboot. Afterwards you can begin to reconnect to your Internet via cellular data connection or Wi-Fi and check back whether it works or not.


reboot samsung galaxy

Step 3

If you have problem with Wi-Fi network authentication following you are unable to connect, access and browse the Internet wirelessly, then download and install the “WiFi Manager” app on your Samsung Galaxy S4 device. The app helps fix all the issues related to Wi-Fi authentication and connect you to your Wi-Fi network successfully. To download the app, tap the “Play Store” icon on your device and search for “WiFi Manager” or else visit this link on your mobile browser “”. Install the app and follow rest of the instructions to do the needful. Add your Wi-Fi network and login details and you will be good to go.


Google play

Step 4

If the problem persists, take your Samsung Galaxy S4 to the nearby Samsung center or the shop where you purchased it from and ask for a replacement. This is probably a defective piece which needs to be replaced or else you will continue to face problems.

online technical support

Should you continue facing Internet connectivity issues on your Samsung Galaxy S4 device, call us at +1-877-907-4935 and get an expert to help you.

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