How to Add Music to Samsung Galaxy S4 from Your Computer

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest in the Galaxy series of Samsung Smartphones designed to be a life companion for users. The Galaxy S4 is packed with features that help users keep pace with the fast moving life, multitask without losing the track of their music, videos, movies, and files etc. When it comes to music you always want to listen to your favorites depending on your mood and for that you need have a vast collection stored on your computer or your Samsung Galaxy device, or tablet etc. If your music collection is there on your computer and you want to mirror it on your Galaxy S4 smartphone, you can do it easily. You can add music and more music, movies, videos, trailers etc. to your Samsung Galaxy S4 from your computer to it in a matter of clicks.
Add music to samsung galaxy S4

Things you will need:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Micro USB-USB cable. The cable is usually shipped with the package but if you don’t have it, then get one.

•	Micro USB-USB cable

Now that you have sourced the cable, let’s get started with the instructions:

Step 1

Make sure that your computer is turned on. Next you should connect your Samsung smartphone to your computer using the Micro USB-to-USB cable like this.


Step 2

Provided that the connection is recognized, you will see this prompt on the screen. You should select either USB storage or Media device as your option to transfer music files between your Samsung Galaxy S4 device and computer.


If you have Kies, the Samsung backup & storage software, similar to iTunes, installed on your computer, it will fire up immediately when you make the USB connection. From the Kies software, you can sync your music files to your Samsung smartphone and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Samsung backup & storage

Instead you may also see this Autoplay option on the screen. Choose an action from the AutoPlay window and sync your digital media files to instantly access music and more.

samsung auto play

Step 3

Once you have chosen your option (from the first window “USB computer connection”), Samsung Galaxy S4 will appear as an external drive under “Computer” (Windows 8/7).  If you are using Windows XP, it will be there under “My Computer”.


Double click the Samsung Galaxy S4 device and you will be able to see all its contents including music, pictures, videos or whatever you have stored on it. To start transferring music from your computer, you should navigate to the folder where the all the music files are stored on it. You might have them in the “My Music” folder or in the one you created.

Step 4

Now copy the files which you want to add to your Galaxy device and paste them into the “Music” folder on it. Repeat the procedure unless you are done adding the music. If you are done, plug out your Samsung phone and go. You can also download your favorite music from Google Play Store (

Online Tech Support

Should you face any problems or a particular piece of music goes missing or doesn’t play, call us at +1-877-907-4935 and get an expert to help you.

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