How to Fix Flash Player Crash Problems in Google Chrome

If your Flash Player crashes frequently or sometimes in Google Chrome, it may cause annoyance and irritation to you. There can be miscellaneous reasons for your Flash Player to crash or not work properly or show up error messages when running in Google Chrome browser. Outdated Flash Player plug-in, upgraded Google Chrome version, antivirus/firewall, or virus infections are among other reasons which can cause this inconvenience to your Flash Player.

You can check these below mentioned workarounds and easily fix your Flash Player crash problems in your Google Chrome browser. Having fixed your problem you should be able to watch your favorite multimedia content in your Flash Player in Google Chrome.

Step 1

Since Google Chrome updates the Flash plug-in installation with its each Google update or new version (Chrome) release, it gets confused between its local (OS) and internal installation, causing it to crash or lockup. To avoid letting Chrome confuse and cause a crash with each upgrade, you should disable the automatic update for Flash Player’s internal installation. You can do so by opening Chrome. Type “chrome://plugins/” and hit “Enter” to proceed. A list of the plug-ins installed will rolled out on the Chrome screen. On the right hand side corner, click the (details button) button to display plug-in details. Under Adobe Flash Player, the first file represents Flash Player’s internal installation in Chrome and this is what you have to disable. Click the “Disable” button (marked red) and this portion will turn gray giving you in an option to “Enable” it again and that’s what you need not do. Now exit Chrome and then reopen it to let the changes save. Now you can play your favorite video or game and the player will not crash anymore.

flash player plugins

Step 2

Update the Flash Player plug-in from the Adobe website (and not through Chrome updates) and then your Chrome should never crash. If Flash Player still crashes in Chrome after updating the plug-in, uninstall it (the plug-in) and then reinstall it from the Adobe website. The plug-in should be the latest one for your Chrome browse. Move on to the next step if the problem persists.

Step 3

As your Flash Player is still unable to play in Google Chrome, you can disable your antivirus or firewall program and then check back. If Flash Player doesn’t crash in Chrome after disabling the antivirus and/or firewall, you need to re-configure the settings. Add Chrome and Flash Player to the list of safe applications in your antivirus and/or firewall program. If the problem persists, move on to the next step.

Step 4

Restore the old Chrome installation version and the Flash Player should stop crashing anymore afterwards. To do so, right click the Google Chrome icon and select “Properties”. On the Google Chrome Properties window, click the “Shortcut” tab (if it’s not already selected) and then click open “Open File Location” (instead of this option you may see “Find Target”, click it). Your Google Chrome installation will open up in its location. Now double click the “old_chrome” file (see image). The old version of Chrome will start up and you can run your Flash Player to start playing your games or videos etc.

google chrome install

Step 5

A stubborn virus infection may cause your Flash Player to crash every time you try to run it. Thus run a thorough scan of your computer to detect and remove any instances of a virus infection. Open your antivirus program, update it (must) with the latest security updates, and then run a full virus scan. Wait for the scan to complete as it may take more than an hour. When done, prompt your antivirus to remove any infected items.
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