Microsoft Security Essentials Vs. Avast 2013

After having burnt a hole in its image following successive failures in independent AV-Test(s) conducted during September-October 2012 and November-December 2012 in detecting zero-day threats, Microsoft Security Essentials 2013 is yet here to offer users with protection from all types of existing and ever-growing online threats and malicious infections which may cost them a fortune. As compared to Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast is riding high on confidence and pride after scoring certification in the same tests by snatching 14 points out of 18. Though Microsoft challenged and refused to accept the test results, it certainly also later on improved its security suite by rolling out the latest patches and definitions. After all drawing a comparison out of “such tests” ((as thought by Microsoft)) doesn’t essentially tarnish Microsoft Security Essentials 2013’s image, putting users off from using it. Well here is what Microsoft Security Essentials 2013 does have, what it doesn’t have as compared to Avast 2013 and vice-versa.
Microsoft Security Essentials Vs. Avast
Free of Cost

There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world but there is Microsoft Security Essentials 2013, which is a freeware (free software) designed to give users protection from viruses, spyware, bugs, rootkits, Trojans, and other such millions of malicious infections and attacks from hackers.

On the other hand, while Avast 2013 also has a free antivirus edition but in terms of capabilities and features it is nowhere close to Microsoft Security Essentials 2013. The free Avast 2013 edition only offers protection from viruses and spyware in addition to allowing remote assistance from a geek friend while Microsoft Security Essentials 2013 is a free, comprehensive antivirus suite for Microsoft users.

Virus & Spyware Protection

The free Avast 2013 edition offers excellent dual virus and spyware protection to remove all types of existing viruses and spyware software and block ever-growing threats to keep computers and the data stored on them safe and uncompromised. Microsoft Security Essentials 2013, as compared to Avast 2013, offers dual protection in terms of virus and spyware to keep users protected from all sorts of viruses and spyware infections.

Zero-day Threats

This is one area of infection where Microsoft Security Essentials 2013 lacked during the AV-Test(s) and Avast held good. The Microsoft suite missed at detecting 10% or more of known zero-day threats, putting itself in jeopardy and in some way giving users a reason to dissuade from it. However there is nothing to worry about as Microsoft is bringing up itself to the par with other security software like Avast in terms of offering anti-zero-day capability. Avast 2013, on the other hand offers a good protection from zero-day threats and helps keep computers protected from these increasingly becoming dangerous threats.


Microsoft Security Essentials 2013 is indeed user-friendly and is light on computer resources. Avast 2013 is also user-friendly but is not light on resources as many experienced users say. After installing Avast 2013, some users experienced freeze or crash problems with their computers. On the other hand, Microsoft Security Essentials 2013 users didn’t experience such types of problems. The installation of Microsoft Security Essentials 2013 is also very smooth and fast as compared to Avast 2013.

Real-time Scanning

Since Microsoft Security Essentials 2013 is a complete security suite, it has real-time scanning, anti-spam, anti-phishing, online banking protection, data shredding, and many other features. It has a specific alert level technology which when detects a threat assigns a level (alert) to it based out at its behavior and level of infection. Thus it helps you know which threat is mild, which is severe and which has the highest risk associated that you should remove it immediately. On the other hand, Avast 2013 has nothing that sort of feature or capability which tells a user about the protection risks of a threat(s).

PC Performance

Microsoft Security Essentials takes good care of your PC and doesn’t slow it down while installing latest updates, running virus scans, and doing other miscellaneous things. Avast is also known not to affect the PC performance but at times (some users said) it does cause the PC to slow down or freeze during virus scans, update downloads, and other things.
virus removal support
While you must have drawn out the comparison yourself after having gone through these points, you can swap to another or continue using what you are using now (MSE 2013 or Avast 2013). Should you face any problems while using either of the security software, call us at +1-877-907-4935 and get an expert to help you.

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