How to Restore iPad to Factory Settings

Your iPad means everything to you. However when a recently installed app conflicts with other applications installed on your iPad, or a virus gets on to it without your permission, or you forget the password to log on, all the hell seems to break loose. Since some problems can better be resolved by restoring your iPad to factory settings, here are the steps which you should follow to start from scratch on your iOS device.

You can restore your iPad to factory defaults with iTunes and without iTunes, and from your device itself depending on what you would prefer to proceed with.

With iTunes

Step 1:

If you still have access to your iPad data, you should back up it before restoring the device to factory settings, or else you will lose it once it is restored. To back up your iPad data, follow these instructions.

Connect your iPad to your Mac or PC using the cable provided and iTunes should fire up automatically. If iTunes doesn’t open up, locate it on your computer and then open it. On the iTunes window, click “File” (the tab)> “Devices”> select your iPad> “Back up”> “Back Up Now”. Wait while the backup is being done. When finished, move on to the next step.

Step 2:

Now go back to the Devices option> select your iPad device as you named it> click the “Summery” tab> click the “Restore iPad” button on the right of “Check for Update”. When prompted, confirm the action by clicking the “Restore” button. Your iPad will now go in the Restore mode and will be reset to factory settings. Your iPad will reboot during the reset procedure. When you see the “Slide to Set up” screen, slide the screen and then start all over. When done, you can then restore your backup and get going.

restore ipad setting

From Your iPad

Back up your data first as mentioned in the Step 1 under “With iTunes” and then tap “Settings” on your iPad’s Home screen> tap “General”> tap “Erase All Content and Settings”. Confirm the action and proceed. Your iPad will reboot and when done you can start from the scratch to set up and configure it. Restore your backup as desired.

Without iTunes

Back up your data first as mentioned above. Afterwards, tap & hold down the “Sleep/Wake” button () together with the “Home” button (iPad_factory_settings) for as long as you don’t see the “Apple” logo.  Your iOS device has been restored to factory settings now. You can restore your backup now.

troubleshoot ipad or iphone
Should you face any problem while restoring your iPad to factory default settings, call us at +1-877-907-4935 and get an expert to you.

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