How to Disable McAfee Antivirus in Windows 8

McAfee is considered to be one of the best antivirus software companies. It is a paid program from the company McAfee, and offers protection from virus, Trojans and other Malware infections. However, McAfee sometimes creates problems when you update your computer or any program, or when a third-party application becomes unresponsive, because of the presence of antivirus software, or other miscellaneous reasons. McAfee then starts behaving oddly and may cause your computer to become unstable and in certain cases unusable. In this scenario it becomes a necessity to disable McAfee. Find here the steps to disable McAfee and make your computer working again.  However, once the issue is resolved, make sure that you re-enable the McAfee software to protect your computer from online threats.


You can right click the “McAfee icon” from the system tray at the right-hand bottom your desktop.


McAfee Security Centre opens up. Select “Change Settings”> select “Real –time Scanning” from the menu.

mcafee security center


In the Real time Scanning Window, click the “Turn off” button at the bottom of the window.
McAfee security

You can now specify the timing from the drop down menu from Resume Real Time Scanning but it is recommended to select “When I restart my PC”.

McAfee real time scanning


McAfee Antivirus is now disabled till the time your PC gets restarted again.
mcafee support
If you face any problems, or are unable to disable McAfee, call us at +1-877-907-4935 and get an expert to help you.

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