How to Allow or Block a Program in Windows 8 Firewall

Like previous Windows editions, Windows 8 too has a firewall program which usually remains hidden but wakes up instantly when called upon. In this cyber age where malware fake as latest updates or free scanners among other legitimate programs, you really need to make sure that to protect your computer from online threats what program or app needs to connect to the Internet and what doesn’t need to. Windows 8 firewall lets you do this quickly and also offers advanced settings, which allow you to create handy rules to allow or block a program.

Check the steps given below and make use of Windows 8 Firewall to allow a block a program from accessing your Internet connection.

Step 1
windows8 firewall settings
Press Windows key and start typing “Windows Firewall”. The Search bar should automatically come up showing the text you just typed. Click Windows Firewall from search results appearing in the left hand side of the window. Tap/click “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” and then click Change Settings. If prompted, enter your admin password to continue.

Step 2

In the list of programs and applications, search for the program that you want to allow or block. If you want to allow a program, check the box next to it and then click OK to save changes. If you want to block a program, uncheck the box next to it and click OK. If prompted by Windows firewall, confirm the action and proceed.

Step 3

If the program/application you are trying to allow or block is not listed in the given list, you need to first add it up to it and then proceed with the action. To add a program to the list, click “Allow another app” button. Type the location path of the program in the “Path” field or click Browse to find it and then click “Add” button. The program will now appear in the program list and from here you can allow or block it. Save changes and exit all windows. That’s it and the desired program(s) will be

Step 4

Select Outbound Rules in windows 8

Besides this, you can set up rules to allow or block a program/application in Windows Firewall to prevent making a connection to the Internet. Here is how you can do it. Click “Advanced Settings” in the left hand panel of Windows Firewall screen. In the next window, click “Outbound Rules” under Windows Firewall with Advanced Settings in the left hand panel and then click the Action tab> New Rule.

Step 5

In the next window, click Program> click Next. In the “This program path” field, type the location of the program or use Browse button to locate it and click Next. When prompted what action needs to be taken for this program, either select “Allow the connection” or select “Block the connection”. You can select the second option “Allow the connection if it is secure” if you really want this program to connect depending on if it is secure. Click Next to continue once you have selected a desired option. If prompted, type a name for the rule, click “Next” and then “Finish” to save changes.

troubleshoot windows laptop
Should you face any problems while or after allowing/blocking a program, call us at +1-877-907-4935 and get an expert to help you.

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