What’s New in Mozilla’s Firefox Browser for Android Devices

While there is a continuous influx of features and apps for Android devices to improve users’ mobile experience with real and digital life, Mozilla decided not to lag behind and launched some exciting features to its Firefox web browser version for Android devices. Reduced page-load times, faster browsing, quick searching, customization, near user interface (UI), and enhanced malware and phishing protection are some of the notable features which have been introduced in the revamped web browser version of Mozilla Firefox for Android devices. Users can download the Mozilla Firefox web browser on to their Android tablets and Smartphones either from the Mozilla Firefox website or Google Play Store. Before you get started with the all new Firefox web browser, have a look at these amazing features introduced in it.


Full HTML5 support

The new Mozilla Firefox browser now has full HTML5 support along with CSS and JavaScript using which developers can write set of APIs that integrate well with Android UI and make browsing experience faster and neater, and other applications like apps, camera, telephony stack, and add-ons etc. better and more responsive.

Brand New UI

The new Firefox browser has a more fluidic, neater “Awesome” screen which will let users search quickly for new websites or browse through their previously visited websites, bookmarks, favorites, and history etc. This essentially involves “no more typing”. Simply search for a keyword and a list of results from Twitter, Amazon, Google, and Wikipedia among others will display on the Android screen. Tap the desired result and get going.



At times you really need to quickly search for a desired piece of information either to be shared or be acknowledged and that’s exactly when you resort to your favorites, history, bookmarks, add-ons etc. on your web browser. Searching for all this information becomes very difficult, especially when you are away from your Android device or computer. This is where the sync feature comes into play.

The brand new Firefox browser for Android devices has made syncing easier now, in fact for everything from saved passwords, bookmarks, installed add-ons, history, and favorites etc. The browser lets you sync data on your Android device to a PC or another Android device. The data you store on your Android device or computer using “Firefox Sync” is automatically stored on to secure Mozilla servers which then let you back up, edit or restore it easily without any hitch.

To take advantage of “Firefox Sync”, you will need to set it up either on your either Android device or computer via your Firefox browser. Once you set up a Firefox Sync account, you can add devices to sync to and from them to easily and quickly search for what is needed anywhere, anytime.

Safety Means a Lot

Androids are the most vulnerable and most targeted devices compared to iOS, Windows, Nokia, and Blackberry devices. Everyday new threats are reported about Android devices exploit their vulnerabilities. According to a Kaspersky survey, 99% of mobile threats target Androids, making them the most vulnerable among other mobile operating systems. Mozilla has taken security as a serious business and has introduced the “Do Not Track” (DNT) feature in the revamped Mozilla Firefox browser.

The DNT feature lets users control what they share and how much they share on the web. Once you turn on the DNT feature, it prevents third-party websites from tracking your browsing behavior via cookies, private data, add-ons etc. for targeted ads or promotions etc. If any website tries to violate this setting, Mozilla will automatically bar it from tracking your behavior.

Users can customize their security preferences about passwords, images, add-ons, cookies, private data, and updates etc. In addition to DNT, the browser doesn’t automatically shares about users’ locations, storage, hardware controls, accounts and personal information etc. without their permissions.
safe browsing website
The browser also has a SafeBrowsing feature which protects users against malware and phishing attacks. The feature is provided by Google which maintains and regularly updates a list of known and unknown malware and phishing threats, bad websites, and other harmful content on it. If a user tries to click on a malware website, SafeBrowsing displays a warning message seeing which a user can either pull back or proceed with the website.

andriod phone support
If you are using an Android device, download the updated version of Firefox browser and experience the rich features designed specially to enrich your browsing experience. Should you face any problems while installing the Firefox browser or using any features, call us at +1-877-907-4935 and get an expert to help you.

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